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Network architecture
Technology Features
Technology Advantages

SIA develops wirelessHart and WIA, which is a self-owned intellectual property technology supported by one of the candidate international standard.



STAR-MESH Networking (iMesh®)

WIA (Wireless Networks for Industrial Automation) is an intellectual multi-hop wireless sensor network technology, which is a self-owned intellectual property with high reliability and ultra-low power consumption. WIA provides a self-organizing, self-healing mesh routing mechanism, which can keep high reliability and strong stability under dynamic application conditions and environment


Radio Communication

WIA is based on the short-distance wireless communication IEEE 802.15.4 standard. It solves the multi-path effect caused by wireless signal reflected and scattered by the large instruments and metal pipelines. It also solves the wireless communication interrupt cased by the electromagnetic noise when the motors and instruments are operating.

Application field
WIA can apply in many fields, such as are oil, petrochemical, metallurgy, environmental protection and sewage treatment.

User Benefit
By the use of WIA technology, users can realize “ubiquitous sensing” on lower investment and obtain important industrial process parameters that can not monitor or at high wiring cost. Based on the WIA technology, users can carry out optimal control and improve product quality and reduce energy consumption.

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