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  Continuous Annealing Line
A certain cold-rolled steel plant in the northeast, continuous annealing product line (CAL) has the characteristics of equipment-intensive, long lines and so on.
There are hundreds of furnace sticks in CAL. The operation state of furnace stick has a direct impact on the quality of the products. Bearing is the most important parts during the operation state of furnace sticks, so monitoring the state of the bearing is the important means to ensure the long-term, continuous, stable operation of the production.
Bearing in the event of failure are usually associated with temperature changes. Therefore tracking the working state of bearings by monitoring the temperature changes is a more effective method.
To save production costs and avoid complex network cabling, a highly reliable industrial wireless sensor networks provided by our institute is used to monitor the temperature. The WIA wireless monitoring instruments emplaced on the bearing seat of furnace stick sent the temperature data to the control room in real time. The users monitor the temperature condition of all detection point of the bearing through the WIA Network manager and human-computer interface software on a PC in real time. WIA wireless monitoring instruments are powered by battery.

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