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  On-line Motor Monitoring
     Motor-driven systems in industrial production occupy an important position, consuming the great mass of energy. As behindhand motor technique, low levels of energy efficiency, the mismatch between the running load and the rated load, running with faults, the lack of advanced energy management and many other reasons, the motor-driven systems are extravagant in electricity in China.
The energy-saving project of motor systems is one of the "11th Five-Year Plan" ten key energy-saving projects proposed by the National Development and Reform Commission.  The focus of the implementation is to reconstruct the motor systems for energy saving. On-line energy efficiency monitoring and energy management of motor systems are the key technical support.

      The key techniques:
          ● Build low-cost on-line monitoring network based on industrial wireless network WIA technology
          ● Achieve non-invasive monitoring of the motor state based on characteristics analysis technology of the current signal (MCSA)
          ● Monitor energy efficiency and operation health of the motor-driven systems based on reasoning model
      On-line energy efficiency monitoring and energy management of motor systems can be used in metallurgical, mining, petrochemical, paper, glass and other industries. The main application targets are the drive motors of pumps, air compressors, air-conditioning equipment. The decision support is provided for energy-saving reconstruction by on-line monitoring of the operation state, analyzing its load conditions and electric energy efficiency.

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