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  Wireless Pumping Well Dynamometer
 A major oil field in the northeast called for improvements in the existing oil-pump method. Timely, accurate measurement of the pumping well dynamometer diagram is the foundation of the analysis, diagnosis, and optimization of the work condition of pumping wells, and is the basic requirements for daily management. Shenyang Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has successfully developed a new type of ground dynamometer diagram wireless monitoring system using industrial wireless network technology. The system is composed of wireless dynamometer and related software, and performs online measurement, storage, transmission, alarm, and other functions of the pumping well dynamometer diagram. The system is designed for oil production and management needs, and has the advantages of reliable performance, simple configuration, easy installation, strong expansibility and low price.
The features of wireless dynamometer:
1、Integrated measurement of load and displacement, no need of any connection cable, compact, light weight, ease of installation;
2、Use of insulation and waterproof shell, able to adapt to the adverse environment of the oil wells;
3、Use low-power design and high-capacity lithium-ion battery, can work for more than a year;
4、Dynamometers able to communicate with each other and connect into a network and all equipment can be operated through laptops or PDA;
5、Have RS-232 communication interface and convenient connections to other communication devices or debugging;
6、Built-in high-capacity data storage, local storage of dynamometer diagram data.

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